LiteIDE is an Integrated Development Environment for programming in Go. An integrated development environment, or just an IDE, is a program where you can edit then build and run your Go source code without leaving the IDE. So you do not have to use the terminal to build and run your code if you do not want to.

Downloading and Installing LiteIDE

Before you can install LiteIDE you need to have Go installed on your Raspberry Pi. If you don’t have Go installed yet you need to follow our install guide.

Once you have Go installed installing LiteIDE is a three step process consisting of

  • Download the LiteIDE package file
  • Download and install the dependencies of the LiteIDE package file
  • Tell the Terminal where to find LiteIDE

Downloading LiteIDE

This is easy. We have already created a package that contains LiteIDE for you. You just need to click here and your web browser will download the file to your Downloads directory to you.

This package file contains version X27.1 of LiteIDE for you Raspberry Pi.

Installing LiteIDE

First we need to install the packages that LiteIDE depends upon. These packages are part of Raspbian. If you don’t already have one open start a new Terminal on you Raspberry Pi and type

sudo apt-get install libqt4-core libqt4-gui

Now you are ready to install LiteIDE. Because LiteIDE is not part of Raspbian we need to use the dpkg command to install it.

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i liteide_27.1-9_armhf.deb

Now you need to tell your Terminal where to find LiteIDE

Telling the Terminal where to find LiteIDE

Now you need to tell your Terminal where to find LiteIDE. We are going to use the same process you used when you installed Go.

To do this you need to edit a file called .bashrc in your home directory. You can do this from the Terminal by typing

leafpad ~/.bashrc

Be Careful

The .bashrc file is an important file. It controls how your Terminal works. We are going to add two lines to the bottom of the file. Be careful not to change any of the other lines in the file. If you think you have made a mistake quit leafpad without saving the file. You can then start leafpad again with the original .bashrc by retyping the above command.
At the very bottom of the .bashrc file you need to add these two lines.
# Tell the terminal where to find LiteIDE
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/liteide/bin
Now save the file and quit gedit.

Next you need to tell your terminal to read your updated .bashrc file. You do this with the source command.

source ~/.bashrc
If everything has worked correctly so far you should be able to start LiteIDe by typing

If all is well LiteIDE will start and show you its Welcome screen.


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