is website for school children who want to learn to program. If you are at school and want to learn to program computers or are just wondering what all of this computing stuff is about we can help you learn. So if that sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place. is a little different from other “How to Program” websites. At we think that it’s important that you learn not only the how but the why of computer programming and can relate this new knowledge to the electrical circuitry inside the computer.

Computer programming is both a separate subject with a rich history of its own, but it is also a tool. A tool that you can use everyday to solve your problems.

And we are going to do all of this with an exciting modern programming language called Go.

We are going to follow the National Curriculum in England for Computing for Key Stages 2 to 5. When we show you an example or explain a concept we will make it clear whick Key Stage the concept belongs in.

So come on a journey with us, into the world of computer programming.

Happy programming!

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What You are Going to Learn?

Computers are used to process data. All data is made up of numbers. Yes, really! Everything is just a bunch of numbers to a computer. These are the only things they understand.

We are going to explain how numbers are used in Go programs. Then we are going to show you how to do type sums in Go.