Installing is pretty easy. In fact, it’s one of the easiest programming languages to install and maintain.

We have taken the official Go installation instructions and the official Go workspace instructions and added more details to make the process clearer.

The steps in the process are:

  • Download and install the programs Go needs to work
  • Download Go itself
  • Install Go
  • Setup a Workspace

Install guides.

Installing Go depends on which operating system your computer has. You need to follow the install guide for the operating system:

Testing Your Go install

Once you have Go installed, you need to make sure that it has been installed and is functioning correctly. This process is the same for all operating systems. This is one of Go’s advantages.

The instructions are in the testing your install guide.

Set up an Editor for Go Programming

This last step is optional. If you do not already have a specific editor setup for programming then this step will make typing Go programs a little easier.

If you are using Windows, Mac OS X or Linux we suggest you use the Atom editor. If you are using a Raspberry Pi we suggest using the liteIDE which is specifically designed for Go programming. But really, the choice is yours, and a lot of good text editors are now available, so to start with, pick one you’re familiar with or like.


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What You are Going to Learn?

Computers are used to process data. All data is made up of numbers. Yes, really! Everything is just a bunch of numbers to a computer. These are the only things they understand.

We are going to explain how numbers are used in Go programs. Then we are going to show you how to do type sums in Go.